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Current Exhibitions

Spring 2018 Student Galleries

Our spring semester Student Gallery Exhibitions are as follows:

Student Galleries Session 1: Ink/Paper/Press
Student Galleries 111 and 119
February 7 – March 4, 2018
ArtJam Closing Reception: Wednesday, February 28, 5:00-7:00pm

TCNJ Art & Art History is pleased to present Ink/Paper/Press, a collection of Printmaking works of over 25 students ranging from Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Art Education majors. This showcase represents the development of printmaking through innovative non-toxic techniques and a diverse range of processes including drypoint, monotype, etching, relief, and post-digital. These works represent a collective experience of working through the visual and technical process of making proofs, editions, and varied print media works on paper. The developing Printmaking area at TCNJ aims to bridge hand drawn, graphic, and photographic image-making to allow students a broad range of self-expression. As a new faculty art member, Marchelo Vera is working on updating the curriculum and print facilities at the College. 

Contributing artists: Zoe Adams, Rachel Bendik, Jake Irons, Brandon Jones, Archana Kamani, Alana Lant, Lauren Leocata, Linda Magee, Carolyn Mandracchia, Madison Oskowiak, Zachary Paige, Robin Reigle, Anthony Vanacore, Emily Warakomski, Christa Wisniewski, Alyssa Angel, Carrie-Anne Carpenito, Chrystianna Carrino, James Cavalieri, Paulina Costello, Keith Glidewell, Stephanie Makrancy, Diane Noone, Mariya Rivera, Ashley Schnyer, Alana Sueskind.

For more information:

Student Galleries Session 2
March 21 – April 1, 2018
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 21, 5:00-7:00pm

Gallery 111
Jake Irons presents Recipe for a Happy Ending
Alana Lant presents Sacred Spaces

Gallery TBD
Angela Rossi exhibits seventh and eighth grade artworks from Rivera Community Middle School in Trenton

BFA Fine Art & Lens-Based Session 1
April 11 – April 28, 2018
Closing Reception: Saturday, April 28

BFA Graphic Design
April 28 – May 19, 2018
Portfolio Review: Saturday, April 28

BFA Fine Art & Lens-Based Session 2
May 6 – May 19, 2018
Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 9