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Kate Kaman and Joel Erland, Solarion, 2017

The renovations to the Brower Student Center were completed in early 2017, which introduces the newest piece of art into the heart of our campus: Solarion.

During the day, the middle of the artwork features a NASA stop motion animation of actual sun flares, while at night, the artwork transitions into an image of the moon. The transition times of sunset and sunrise feature a special half-hour show that maintains real-time rotations. The image of the moon is an accurate portrayal of the night’s current phase, illuminated by color-changing orbs.

The title “Solarion” joins “Solar” and “Lion,” inspired by the solar emblem in the College’s logo and Roscoe, the College’s lion mascot. In mythology and lore, there has always been a connection between the sun gods and the lion as symbols of strength and will. The sun and the moon are also entwined, as the light of the moon is actually light from the sun reflecting off of the moon.

Solarion was designed by Kate Kaman and Joel Erland and is made of brass inlayed concrete, LED lights, and glass.

Kate Kaman and Joel Erland are Philadelphia based artists. They work in a variety of materials. As they are interested in creating contemporary environmental works, their work usually draws inspiration from the natural world.

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A few photographs of the process:

Solarion lying in a workshop. A group learning about the Solorian. Panels of the sun art piece One half of the Solarion. Installation of the sun art piece in front of the student center One quater of the Solarion art getting installed. Almost completed sun art piece in front of the student center Completed installation of Solarion.