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Opening Wednesday! Sarah Quiles and Shana Scavelli

Senior Solo Exhibition: Sarah Quiles and Shana Scavelli

BFA Senior Solo Shows featuring Sarah Quiles and Shana Scavelli.

Sarah Quiles: State of Being
AIMM 111
October 6–24, 2021

Sarah Quiles presents her show, State of Being, which consists of fabric and string installation. Through mapping of the body, her piece explores anxiety as both a physical and physiological feeling.

Black and white image of thread-like lines making an abstract rounded shape

Shana Scavelli: Confrontation
AIMM 111
October 6-24th, 2021

Shana Scavelli exhibits an installation titled Confrontation, a large-scale photography series. Her show investigates the viewers’ reactions to first impressions and initial judgements in regards to a person’s appearance.

Two figures standing next to each other possibly in swimsuits, only their torsos and upper legs are visible