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Fall 2016 Senior Professional Practices Exhibitions

2016 Professional Practices BFA Exhibitions
September 7-14, 20-28 and October 4-12

The Fall 2016 Senior BFA Professional Practice class presents a series of 1 week solo exhibitions by all senior Fine Art and Lens-Based Art students: Joe Arnold, Meredith Carro, Danielle Castello, Alyse Delaney, Alex Kadar, Amanda Palacios, Rachel Perrotta, Sarah Ratner, Kristina Robold, Piper Torsilieri and Emily Vogel. The exhibitions are located in the student galleries in the AIMM building at The College of New Jersey.

Session 1: September 7 – 14, 2016
Opening reception September 7 at 5-7PM:

  • AIMM 111 Student gallery
    Emily Vogel and Amanda Palacios
  • AIMM 119 Student gallery
    Kristina Robold and Alyse Delaney
  • AIMM 118 Student gallery
    Emily Vogel

The Professional Practice BFA Student Exhibitions Session 2: September 20 – 28, 2016
Students: Joseph Arnold, Alex Kadar, Rachel Perrotta and Sarah Ratner

The Professional Practice BFA Student Exhibitions Session 3: October 4 – 12, 2016
Students: Meredith Carro, Danielle Castello and Piper Torsilieri.