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Student Gallery Exhibition Information & Policies

Student Gallery Exhibition Guidelines
Revised 2023

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting in the student galleries! The shows in these side galleries make an exciting and important contribution to cultural life on campus, and offer an excellent opportunity to exhibit your artwork.

Exhibition Applications

Exhibition applications are reviewed by the Exhibition Committee of the Department of Art and Art History. Criteria for review includes quality of the exhibition proposal, relevance to academic curricula, feasibility of installation and presentation, and innovation. Applications are encouraged from academic departments throughout the College; however, if space is limited, priority will be given to Art and Art History Department applications. The application is available here

All student exhibitions must have a faculty sponsor.

Exhibitors should become familiar with the three Student Gallery spaces—Rooms 111, 118, and 119—prior to applying in order to determine which space is best suited to the proposed exhibition. For more information on planning and installing your exhibition, consult the Art Exhibitions LibGuide.

Installation Guidelines

The gallery will be ready for you to install. The gallery has tool kits, boxes of basic hardware, and paint kits for you to use. The Art Gallery toolbox includes basic tools for installation, including a drill, hammer, level, tape measure, and drill bits, and a box of basic hardware. Student exhibitors may check out the tool box, and must return it complete.A schedule for installation, deinstallation, promotion, etc. will be provided by the Gallery Coordinator upon acceptance of an exhibition proposal.

  • No adhesives may be used on the walls, floor, windows, or gallery surfaces (including tape, foam mounting squares, glue, etc.) unless permission is granted by the art gallery staff.
  • Do not make marks on the wall – with paint, pens, pencils etc – without  checking with the gallery exhibition staff. If your installation leaves marks on the gallery walls that can’t easily be removed or painted over, you will be responsible for any extra materials and labor required to restore the walls. 
Special Equipment & Pedestals

Pedestals may be available for loan from the TCNJ Art Gallery. The gallery has a limited selection of projectors, monitors, headphones, and media players that students may check out for exhibitions. It is highly recommended to test your files on the equipment early, so you can troubleshoot any problems. All media equipment must be secured, as there is no security in the Student Galleries.

Labels, Posters, and Promotion

Exhibitors are encouraged to print postcards and other promotional materials for exhibitions. These materials must be reviewed and approved by the Gallery Coordinator. Exhibitors may create graphics for the Student Galleries, including labels and vinyl lettering. Graphics must be reviewed and approved by the Gallery Coordinator.

Exhibitors, including the faculty contact and all student participants, are responsible for installation, maintenance, and deinstallation of the exhibition, and for adhering to the exhibition schedules. The Student Galleries are limited in terms of installation options; exhibitions must be installed in compliance with fire safety codes.

Packing and Shipping

Packing and shipping charges, insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery of work to and from the gallery are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

Responsibility for Loss or Damage, Insurance Coverage

The College is not responsible for loss or damage to exhibited works before, during, or after the exhibit. The Exhibitor has sole responsibility for the safekeeping of all artworks before, during or after the exhibit. The Student Exhibition Program does not have storage facilities; any work left after the scheduled deinstallation date will be considered abandoned and will be discarded.

Exhibition Supplies/Budget

The gallery has a stock of basic hardware and tools for you to use. Check with the gallery director or Kyle if you have any questions about presenting your work, or if your project requires special equipment or tools to install. 

The gallery does not have a budget to purchase additional equipment, tools or supplies. All framing, printing, and fabrication costs are your responsibility. 

Preparation and installation of the exhibition are your responsibility. The Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring the work is ready to hang, mount or display. The Gallery Coordinator provides guidance and mentoring regarding exhibition design, installation, maintenance, signage, publicity, and reception. 

You are also responsible for deinstalling your work, and returning the gallery space to original condition, ready for the next artists to install. The gallery supplies a paint kit with tools and supplies to patch and touch up the walls. Wash brushes carefully, and remove roller covers from paint rollers when you are finished.

Exhibition Information & Promotion

Poster: You are responsible for providing a poster for your exhibition. Posters should be formatted for letter-size paper. Submit your poster to the art gallery a week before your opening, and we will get it approved and print 20 copies. To be approved by the College, your poster must include:

  • Name
  • Exhibition title
  • Dates
  • Location (Gallery # and Building name)
  • Contact email

At least two weeks before your exhibition, please provide: 

  • Artist’s name/s
  • Exhibition title
  • Dates (including opening date and time)
  • Brief description
  • Promotional image or graphic

The Art Gallery will add your exhibition to the Gallery website and the Center for the Arts Calendar, and promote it (as time and staffing allows) on its social media. Students are strongly encouraged to promote their exhibition through their own networks as well.