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Senior BFA Interview 2021: Halle Luttrell

Halle Luttrell painting a portrait from her color series called, "Rusty", 2021, oil on canvas.
Halle Luttrell painting a portrait from her color series called, “Rusty”, 2021, oil on canvas.

Halle Luttrell (she/her):

Halle Luttrell has spent her undergraduate education studying Fine Arts with a minor in Art History. She specializes in oil painting, however she continues to develop her education in every area of art making. Her goals for her career are to curate for an art museum, and to teach on a college level. Her work is strongly connected to her own experiences as a woman and an artist, as well as personal connections to people in her life. She is currently based in Bergen County, New Jersey and has plans to attend graduate school in the fall to pursue a master’s degree at Rutgers University in Art History and Museum Studies, as well as continue her exploration of oil painting on the side.

In her painting series, Colored Aura Series: Rusty, Lucia, Melissa, and Lily” Luttrell features four oil paintings that capture the likeness and the colorful aura of the subject. These pieces explore mood through the vibrance that enhances the tone of how she perceives each individual. The subjects appear realistically portrayed while the backgrounds pay tribute to the medium. Luttrell strived to create work that was fun, lighthearted and compelling in order to personally combat the events of the last year and a half. The artist has expressed that this work vastly contrasts her past works, which have taken on more deep and personal connotations, and largely consisted of self-portraits. This stems from the fact that her drive to create artwork is essentially her outlet for personal expression.