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2021 Senior BFA Interview: Lucia Gardiner

Photograph of an artwork that consists of a chain of paper dolls made from cyanotype images

Lucia Gardiner

Lucia Gardiner is a mixed-media artist with a primary focus in printmaking and photo-montage. Much of her work focuses on the examination of preservation vs. deterioration, as well as society’s relationship with tradition and womanhood. Upon graduating from The College of New Jersey, she has taken part in opportunities such as the Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experience, 2020 (MUSE), studio technician work for the TCNJ sculpture studio, and interned for the school of the Arts and Communication’s Artscomm Digital Team. She is currently based out of Hammonton, New Jersey.

Another Year Older is an examination of nostalgia and innocence. I wanted to create a space that could further my own understanding of familial legacy and heirlooms. By combining cyanotypes, family photos, tea bags, and quilting, I was able to fuse together a narrative on adolescence and ritual, asking questions about the spaces families create out of necessity, expectation, preservation and/or sense of self. I constructed a shrine for the years that are already gone and passed.

Image of an artwork that consists of a child's desk, with a small stool, a handmade rug, and handmade books and constructions