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2021 Senior BFA Interviews: Jamie Davidson

photo of a woman standing on one leg, the other kicked out behind her, against a bright blue background
Untitled, Part of “Lights, Camera, Action” series, 24 x 36, digital photo print


Jamie Davidson

Jamie Davidson is a New Jersey based photographer currently studying for her Bachelor’s of Photography and minor in Marketing at The College of New Jersey. She explores ideas of shape, line, and texture through her execution of fashion-inspired photography. This is done by posing models in intricate angles to create a complex viewing experience that emphasizes fashion, and often speaks upon current events within society. Davidson’s process is largely based upon trial and error, as her shoots utilize elaborate environments. Her photos focus on unique shapes and lines the body is capable of while also showcasing textures and patterns of fashion design.

Davidson states: “My work is inspired by fashion photography as I love working in collaboration with models to create interesting images that showcase shape, line, and texture. Post graduation, I hope to continue my photography journey into the fashion industry.”

Lights, Camera, Action is a series of images that showcase fashion and glamour without the inclusion of real clothing. The goal of this exhibition is to bring a new take to fashion photography, creating something that the viewer has never seen before. These images hold an element of mystery, creating an illusion for the audience, as it is not quite clear what the clothes are actually made from. This glamorous apparel was contrived by the photoshopping of LED lights that not only create interesting shapes and lines throughout the series, but also build a great deal of texture as well. The use of light and positioning of the model is important as it is what truly portrays movement in these still images.