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Student Exhibitions by Seniors: Mikaela Given and Ren Rullo

Art and Interactive Multimedia Building Student Gallery AIMM 119
October 26th through November 4th, 2022
Opening Reception October 26th, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Session Two of the senior solo shows will take place in the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building side gallery (AIMM 119). These two students have been exploring their own interests and mediums throughout their years at TCNJ and are excited to exhibit their  artwork in a gallery setting.

Mikaela Given
Playing Pretend

Playing Pretend is a look into a child and adult state of mind, and how childhood expectations of “real life” don’t measure up to playing pretend. How does one go back to that childhood sense of a successful life, and the feeling of an unburdened way of life? Exploring these thoughts through children’s toys and media like ISpy, this exhibition asks questions about the purpose of life as an adult.

MIKAELA GIVEN is a multimedia artist whose work focuses on exploring the physical act of making and the process of learning as well as the final piece. She looks to express myself and her life experiences conceptually with the world through any art medium that calls their attention.

Ren Rullo

Folklore combines Ren Rullo’s personal and artistic interests of the unknown using lino-block prints, sculpture, and narrative to create a folk story of their own, all based on the Pine Barrens where they grew up. This show is meant to depict myth and atmosphere surrounding the forest and Rullo’s works visuals and thematics often take cues from folklore, personal and cultural mythologies, horror, and the macabre. The space is intended to bring the audience not to a fabricated pine-barrens space but the idea of the barrens that exist in imagination and stories.

REN RULLO is a print media artist, sculpturist, instellationist, illustrator, and art historian based in the south Jersey and Philadelphia area. Rullo’s practice as a curatorial art historian influences their art making through historical examples and research. Rullo explores concepts of implied artistic value through non-traditional mediums, multi-media work, and art-making methods tied to female and LGBT makers. Their artwork takes inspiration from non-archival mediums, time-sensitive pieces, audience interaction, and the dual-utilitarian function of an art-object.