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Student Exhibitions by Seniors: Jonna and Jordan Griffenberg

Art and Interactive Multimedia Building Student Gallery AIMM 119
October 26th through November 4th, 2022
Opening Reception October 26th, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Blessing and a Curse

Blessing and a Curse is a photography based installation that demonstrates the prolonged effects of putting others ahead of yourself. The series follows a poem written by artist Jonna Alberta, to accompany the photography works. The poem illustrates the wear on a person after continuous dilution of oneself in order to saturate those around them. Alberta’s current practice aims to expose her interpersonal experiences while stimulating a response from the audience by breaking the barrier of their emotional suppression. By combining medium and narrative, she looks to mirror the over-giving of self we all may have in common.

Jordan Griffenberg

Desolation showcases a short film “Vagrant” directed by Jordan Griffenberg, “Vagrant” is a post-apocalyptic horror/thriller that tells the short story of a lone survivor; along his journey, he discovers clues about his past and has strange encounters between reality, imagination, and the horrors of being truly alone. Associated with the film is a series of printed film stills with associated text that dissects the film’s narrative strengths.