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Student Exhibitions: Haley Mosseri, Anita Genovese, and Brandon Jones

Haley Mosseri, Anita Genovese, and Brandon Jones
Student Galleries 111 & 119
October 23rd through October 31st, 2019
Opening Reception October 23rd, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

HALEY MOSSERI’S solo exhibition Persist investigates how both internal and external factors have affected her mental health and identity throughout her adolescence and young adulthood. Working in painting, sculpture, video, and installation, she addresses the mental and emotional adversity she has experienced within the last decade of her life. To persist is to continue steadfastly, especially in spite of opposition. Mosseri conveys feelings of vulnerability throughout her work to connect with viewers who have been through similar issues by sharing the story of how she’s persisted.

In Essences, ANITA GENOVESE uses photography, metal sculpture, and textiles to bind the essence of ancient ceremony to the modern human feminine ideal. Essence is defined as the core nature of the most important qualities of a person or thing, a property of something without which it would not exist. In her work, Genovese wishes to pursue a familiar or unfamiliar undertone linking female phases and roles in life to the feminine collective past. The headpiece sculptures exist as ceremonial relics that call attention to feminine strength and resilience. and

BRANDON JONES’S solo exhibition Novae Terrae seeks to transport the viewer from the confines of the white cube to a fabricated environment reminiscent of another world. Upon entering the space, filled with sculptures and installations, viewers will be provided with an experience intended to contradict reality. Using mixed media sculptures that include materials such as metal, wood, wax, and sheetrock, Jones transforms these simple materials in order to provide an illusion of entering another world.