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New Student Exhibitions 11/30-12/14

Come visit our new student exhibitions starting Wednesday, November 30th in the student galleries (AIMM 111 and 119). The opening reception will be held on December 2nd at 5 pm during AIMM After Dark. Support your fellow students as they show off their amazing and unique works through December 14th! Please read the press release below for more information. As always, events are free and open to the public.

TITLE: 4.10.1995

Dates of Exhibition: November 30th – December 14th, 2016

Location: Student Gallery 119

Alyse Delaney is a senior Lens-Based Visual Arts major whose work uses appropriated imagery, archives, and installations to explore the relationship between image and memory.

Delaney’s exhibition, 4.10.1995, is a compiled photo-archive representing every day of her life.  

It shows how much of her life has been photographed, and questions how much of it has been left to be forgotten.

Copy of AlyseDelaney-4.10.95-PressImage

TITLE: Under Observation

November 30th – December 14th, 2016

Location: Student Gallery 111

Cecilia Johnson, a Senior Biology and Self-Designed Illustration major, uses painting and drawing to explore the pathways to a career in Biomedical Illustration. To pursue such a highly specific artistic field requires an advanced involvement in both the life sciences and visual communication while in undergraduate school, as well as the development of a portfolio for admission to Biomedical Illustration graduate schools. Johnson’s exhibition Under Observation provides a pragmatic look into a successful biomedical portfolio. Her exhibition also exemplifies the link between biology and art for its investigative approach to studying and rendering the natural world. This type of subject matter includes a wide variety of biological themes and is supplemented with still-lifes and classic nude portraits. All of the works are rendered from sight, as opposed to using photographic references or the artist’s imagination. The nature of creating observational artwork demonstrates technical skill while encouraging the artist to develop a relationship between the subject and its environment, which translates to an intimate connection with perception.

Birds (1)

Artist Danielle Costello

Title: Di[stink]t Beauty

Dates of Exhibition: November 30th – December 14th, 2016

Location: Student Gallery 119

Danielle Costello is a senior Fine Arts major with a Graphic Design minor at The College of New Jersey.  

Di[stink]t Beauty focuses on the human nose as the subject which charges the images with questions of beauty, insecurities, and identity. Costello utilizes Surrealist montage strategies to explore how the nose is an identifier by altering the faces of female icons of the 20th century.