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Artist Caroline Woolard to Talk About Art and Alternative Economies

Come hear Value Added artist Caroline Woolard present this week’s Brown Bag lecture, tomorrow Friday, March 22 at 11:30. Her lecture is entitled The Process is the Message: From Public Art to Bartering to Solidarity Economies. She will discuss her collective’s work in developing equitable exchanges for artist and creative people that are not based on monetary compensation. Her topic will also include thoughts on how this different way of thinking about exchange can expand to benefit other groups of society and ultimately lead to a revolutionary economy. 

Caroline Woolard is a working artist, organizer, and one of the founders of OurGoods, an online barter and exchange network for creative people, which connects artists, designers, and craftspeople in order to trade skills, spaces, and objects with each other. Her work is featured in the Art Gallery’s exhibition, Value Added: Artists’ Perspectives on the Meaning of Worth, a presentation of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and multimedia artworks that explore concepts of worth and valuation. The exhibition examines differing values that exist within contemporary society—monetary systems, precious materials, proprietary rights, and status symbols—as well as the transformation of mere signs of worth into metaphors that reference the personal, the political, and the poetic.